Sans le Nom: Cookery, Rhetoric, and Other Forms of Pandering

"Now I call this sort of thing pandering, and I declare that it is dishonorable."Plato

"When a name comes, it immediately says more than the name." —Derrida

November 26, 2008: Random Thoughts

  • Some rich Southerner, maybe a member of the Walton family, should buy a sports team and adopt the mascot that would acknowledge to the world that the real Southern symbol of strength, endurance, strategy, and might is NOT the dolphin, the panther, the heat, the hawk, the brave, or the saint.  It's the cockroach.  Duh.
  • Though I have never seen squirrels poo, I have actually seen them having sex  (which leads me to believe they have sex more often than they poo). Squirrel sex lasts 10 seconds, tops.  I'm glad I'm not a squirrel.
  • I am probably the only person who looks forward to going to the dentist. Think about it.  You're lying there, helpless, with your mouth hanging open and drool going everywhere.  It's a lot like taking a nap. 
  • The phone book has no table of contents.  It could really use one.
  • Dick Cavett writes more like me every day.  I think he's reading my blog.
  • My life would be a lot less complicated if I were NOT an extroverted misanthrope. 
  • People murdered in mystery novels tend to be assholes.  People murdered in true crime novels tend to be saints.  Just thought I'd point that out.
  • I own many Moleskines.  But I'm too lazy to pronounce the brand name as "mole uh skeen uh."  Plus I'm neither Italian nor pretentious.  So there. 
  • Do other people have co-workers who send them an e-mail asking them to e-mail the group?  Isn't there a step in there somewhere that could be skipped?
  • A skinny, pimply-faced 15-year-old boy calls himself "Sex Machine" on MySpace.  Now I understand why it's good to be 40.  
  • As the holiday season begins, I am reminded that turkey and tofu have a lot in common.  And neither one puts me in the holiday spirit. 

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